It’s Arsenioooooooooooooooooooooo Hall


 width=After winning Celebrity Apprentice, TMZ is reporting that Arsenio Hall’s long-awaited talk-show comeback is finally picking up steam.  They are saying three networks are “very interested” in signing the comic to a TV deal.Hall “” who was crowned champion on “Celebrity Apprentice” last night “” has been gunning to get back behind a desk ever since “The Arsenio Hall Show” went off the air back in 1994.Now, with his newfound Trump-powered momentum “¦ sources tell TMZ that NBC and two other broadcast groups are all making a play for Arsenio “¦ though it’s unclear if Hall would fit in daytime or late-night.Hall is a late-night legend “¦ who, along with “The Simpsons,” helped build FOX into a juggernaut when they premiered in 1989.Back in the day, no one would miss the Arsenio Hall show and maybe he could recapture that same magic. 


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