Is Something Wrong With Lil Wayne? “F*ck the NBA..F*ck The Miami Heat..I F*cked Chris Bosh’s Wife”


Lil WayneAfter being heavily criticized for what most people would consider very disrespectful lyrics regarding Emmett Till, when he said, “I beat the pu**y up like Emmett Till,” lil wayne is at it again. Last week he was escorted from a Miami, Heat game when he was aggressively routing for the Los Angeles, Lakers. Apparently, according to Weezy he couldn’t be at the Allstar game because the NBA has officially banned him thanks to the Miami, Heat.With that being said, this past Allstar Weekend in Houston, Texas, Weezy felt the need to let off some steam. Sunday night he hosted “LIV on Sunday” All Star Weekend edition at Stereo Live. The event also served as a celebration of Birdman’s birthday. In a venue filled with fans and celebs, Wayne had this and a whole lot more to say…”F**k NBA! F**k Lebron! F**k SheWade! F**k Chris Bosh! And I f**ked Chris Bosh wife!” Check out the video below and tell us what you think Lil Wayne’s problem or issue may be. Is he hurting? Is the arrogant? Is he crazy? Is he drugged out? Is he being targeted? What do you think?


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