Handyman Charged with Murder After Body of Missing Florida Woman Found in Septic Tank


    A handyman was charged with second-degree murder after a body of a missing Florida woman was found in a septic tank. Police said Cynthia Cole, 57, was allegedly killed and dumped there by her handyman.

    Martin County Sheriff said on Facebook Saturday that Cole went missing after attending an art festival at Jensen Beach over a week ago. Keoki Hilo Demich, 34, was charged with murdering Cole.

    Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that Cole’s body was found 4 feet underground after hours of excavating her back yard late Friday.

    According to WPBF News, Demich was arrested on Friday after police allegedly found doorbell camera footage of Demich leaving Cole’s Jeep near her home the night she was last seen.

    After searching her property, deputies noticed the top of a septic tank in her backyard was ajar. After checking the tank, police said they found Cole’s body inside the cesspool.

    “I’ve been doing this 40 plus years. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told the outlet.

    Police said Cole, was likely murdered her in her home before being dropped into the septic tank by Demich, who had reportedly worked for the victim for several years.

    “He made several statements that we know are false so he was charged with second-degree murder,” said Snyder.

    The medical examiner’s office has not positively identified the body, but police said they “have every reason to believe” it’s Cole.

    The victim, who went by Cyndi, was last seen with friends at the Jammin Jensen festival on Feb. 24.

    They knew something was wrong when they didn’t hear from Cole after the event, her friends told WPEC-TV.

    “She doesn’t drink. She doesn’t do any of that, so we were all like she is missing or something is really wrong,” said Victoria Boyd, a longtime friend.

    According to her friends, Cole was a loving mother and vibrant friend.

    “She was one of those people,” Boyd said. “You couldn’t meet her and not love her.”


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