Fleming’s Steakhouse Sued for Discrimination, Served Black Man an Empty Plate


    An interracial couple has filed a lawsuit against Fleming’s Steakhouse in La Jolla, California, for racial discrimination.  Mycheal McKillian and Denise Grimaldo, an African-American and Hispanic couple, alleged that Fleming’s Steakhouse deliberately served Mr. McKillian, the only African-American customer in the restaurant, an empty plate sprinkled with parsley instead of steak. 

    Empty Plate

    According to McKillian, the server said: “You’re probably used to a loud sizzle with your hot plate, but ours is silent.  Enjoy.”  The bizarre service was followed by a story from the server about how he, at a different establishment, had spilled a drink on a “black guy”, but the black guy did not act out.  According to the couple, they were dumbfounded and did not know how to respond. 

    According to McKillian: “Words can’t express the humiliation I felt. No one should ever have to experience something like that. I can only pray that people can learn to come together and accept each other.”  According to the couple’s attorney, Arthur Kim: “There is way too much racial hostility in our society today. 

    Good people from all races need to affirm that we are brothers and sisters, not each other’s enemies.  That we are our brother’s keeper.”  McKillian and Grimaldo are are represented by Arthur Kim of Arthur Kim Law Firm in Beverly Hills, California. 

    The case is Mycheal McKillian, et al. v. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, et al. (San Diego Superior Court Case No. 37-2022-00026162-CU-CR-CTL).


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