Firefighter Shoots Man over Puppy Dispute (video)


A man thought it was a good idea to do business selling puppies with a partner who was a firefighter but soon learned that was not a good idea.

An Oakland, CA off-duty firefighter named Byron Pointer, 29 was arrested after being accused of shooting at a man over a financial disagreement pertaining to a puppy dispute and breeding puppies.

The two men knew each other previously. Pointer is being held on several charges, including assault with a firearm, destroying and concealing evidence, shooting at a vehicle, and receiving stolen property.

The victim, Michael Johnson, 45, said he is lucky to be alive after the incident. “The bullet that hit me right here,” he said, pointing to his neck. “I would have died. It came through right there, came through the headrest. That was where I was sitting at.”

The two were doing business together, breeding puppies and selling them in Oakland, when things went awry on this particular day. They were supposed to meet and a payment was to be exchanged for services.

Johnson said they met so he could give Pointer the paperwork for three puppies. He stated Pointer then robbed him. “He smacked it [papers] out of my hand, and he had a gun in his other hand,” Johnson said. He added that Pointer was supposed to pay him $5,500 through an app.

Johnson added “Being shot by a firefighter, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of. They’re supposed to be saving lives, not shooting up your car.”

Pointer is scheduled to make his first court appearance Tuesday morning. His bail is set at $270,000. He had been a firefighter a little more than a year.


The San Francisco fire department is working in conjuction with the Oakland police deptarment investigating the case. Johnson indicated that he thought he could trust working with Pointer because he was a firefighter but now he fear for his life with him.

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