Entire Police Force Quits after Black Woman Hired as Town Manager (video)


A small town in N. Carolina called Kenly is up in arms over a Black woman that was hired as the Town Manager. This surprised residents that the police chief Josh Gibson, who has been in his position for 21 years, decided to call it quits along with the remainder of the force after a black woman, Justine Jones, described as a “progressive and responsible Town Manager” took office a little less than a month ago.

The police chief who is white as well as the others who have resigned stated Jones has created a hostile work environment and they can’t work with her.

Kenly Police Chief Josh Gibson reported on his Facebook page that “The new manager has created an environment I do not feel we can perform our duties and services to the community.” 

It has also been noted that Jones sued a previous employer for gender and racial discrimination a few years ago and that is being cited as her being perceived as ‘hostile’ and creating a hostile work environment. Your thoughts?

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  1. She is about to make a good living from Suing again if they release, city should never hire someone that has a record for playing race card.

  2. Totally believable considering how low this country has gone letting people of color get away with everything get rid of this trouble maker before it’s too late cudos to the police department for doing this ,but maybe it could have been handled a little different it’s time people grew some balls and stopped this bullshit

  3. They have not worked for her. They quit before she started. They don’t want to work for a black woman/person. Racism isn’t dead its just better at making excuses. People are accusing her of playing the race card based on nothing she said or did because they know why the officers quit but don’t want to admit to it. How did she make their work environment hostile if they never worked for her? They knew the work environment was going to be hostile because of their attitude towards her. Stop defending these cowards who abandoned the oath they took because their bigotry is stronger than their moral convictions. The pathetic former chief created the hostile situation when he refused to work for a black woman.

    • Of course it’s impossible for her to be racist/bigoted toward whi-peepil. It’s always a 1 way street w progressive blowbags & race hustlers

  4. A change has got to come, if you’re doing nothing wrong then stay and be supportive, you’re displaying the racist attitude. Ms. Jones congratulations get new officers that will carry out their duties professionally. God Bless you and don’t back down. 🙏

  5. You sound just as racist as the police force who decided to walk off their job and make excuses not to work for a African American woman. Obviously they must not been doing their job or against the black lives matter movement. Sorry yall are not entitled and stop blaming her for yall weakness as men on the police force.

  6. It is once again an unprovable statement that the police department quit when they found out her hostility to them.. if she is progressive that means that she is communist

  7. You know what I am so sick of ignorant, dumb ass people who are still living in the past. You don’t want to work with an Afrikan American woman, good, take your dumb ass out of the picture and let others who want the job irregardless of gender or color!

  8. I can’t post my thoughts because if I do I’ll end up getting faxed. There’s no freedom of speech in America anymore and if a person of one race does something they would normally do to something or someone of the same race, but it’s to somebody of a different race is now what that is racism because for some reason, especially here in Chicago now race is all that matters these days. It doesn’t matter if you generally have a problem with someone because even if you generally have a problem with a black person in your white or vice versa. Well actually if you’re white and you have a problem with someone black you’re racist but if you’re black and you have a problem with someone that’s white it’s because the white person is being a bigot so I’ll stop there lol. Hopefully I don’t lose my job because of this post

  9. She can hire new people who are allowing themselfs to be replaced. I would be happy to reconstruct a new town with new people.

  10. Good riddance !! You know they all have to be kkk legacys from the good ol slave patrol days down south . Maybe now she can reform this hicksville clan station, ooops meant police station into a place that actually protects ALL people and not shoot them in the back or execute them for misdemeanors.

  11. All white cops & all resigned in unison? White chief & a cop for 21 years? Smells & stinks of racism. It’s no longer business as usual & it’s finally time they changed things up & correct the obvious racist situation. Good riddance & let’s hope they bring in new & decent cops who aren’t racist. It’s exhausting.


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