Ex-Boyfriend Faces Charges After Body of Florida Woman Found in Shallow Grave


    An ex-boyfriend now faces charges after the body of a Florida woman was found. On Saturday night, in a shallow grave in Alabama, the remains of missing Florida mother Cassie Carli were discovered. Officials announced on Sunday that the missing mother was found nearly a week after she vanished while picking up her daughter in a custody exchange with her ex-boyfriend.

    Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said at a press conference Sunday that after executing a search warrant, authorities found Carli’s body buried inside a barn in Springville, nearly 300 miles north of where she was last seen in Navarre Beach.

    Without giving too much detail on the connection, the sheriff said that Carli’s ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevelo, in custody, has ties to the property.

    The sheriff said Spanevelo is facing charges of tampering with evidence and providing false information related to the investigation.

    Following the results of an autopsy scheduled for Monday, more charges are pending for Spanevelo.

    Police said a tattoo on her body identified Carli, 37.

    “It’s not the ending that we wanted, obviously, but we’re hoping to provide a little closure to the family,” Johnson told reporters.

    Eventually, Johnson expects Spanevelo to be extradited to Santa Rosa County Jail from Tennessee.

    “He was totally uncooperative. He never cooperated with us,” he said. “And that goes a long way. It’s your baby’s mother, and she’s missing — and you’re not going to cooperate with authorities? That’s pretty tell-tale.”

    On Wednesday, in Birmingham, Spanevelo was interviewed by authorities after confirmation was given that Saylor was safe. In Tennessee, the ex-boyfriend was placed under surveillance, which was attributed to his arrest Friday by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and Tennessee Highway Patrol.

    For allegedly taking Carli’s cellphone and getting rid of it, he was hit with his current charges. Spanevelo also “lied a couple times in different scenarios,” the sheriff added.

    “I think we have a great case,” the sheriff said. “And I think he’s going to either spend the rest of his life in prison or get the needle.”

    WEAR reported custody of Saylor is being handled by The Tennessee Department of Children and Families.


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