Eric Reid Is Still Waiting For A Call From The NFL…Blackballed?


Colin Kaepernick has definitely been blackballed by the NFL since he refused to stop kneeling to protest against police brutality against Black people during the anthem. Eric Reid also kneeled during the anthem, but he had a job in the NFL those years since Colin has been out of work. So, in 2020 why doesn’t Reid have a job? He said that he hasn’t received a call for a workout, he has heard nothing.

Kaepernick feels that Reid is now being blackballed due to his beliefs and his willingness to express them. Reid may feel the same way considering he broke records with the Carolina Panthers and his former coach gave an excellent recommendation. Maybe teams don’t want the outspoken star, but it seems like there is a team in need that is missing out on a good teammate and great player. One person who doesn’t feel like Reid is being blackballed is ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith; check out what he had to say.

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