Elroy Smith Has Message for the Industry After Exiting KBLX


I personally remember when Elroy Smith was at WGCI in Chicago and during those years, Chicago’s 107.5 was at the top of the radio food chain. Smith definitely has a gift when it comes to programming radio and now that he is exiting KBLX, I wonder where his journey will continue. Elroy released the following statement regarding his departure.

After an extraordinary run at Bonneville Int’l, SF, today was my last day as program director of the legendary 102.9 KBLX. The west coast was never on my radar, but thanks to Pat Paxton, Entercom, the company that previously owned KBLX, and Steve DiNardo, who was the market manager, both gave me the opportunity to oversee this iconic radio station for close to five years.

I want to also thank, the CEO of Bonneville, Darrell Brown, the previous and current market managers, Carl Gardner & Val Maki, respectively; thanks to Brian Figulo, Director of programming operations for Bonneville, SF. I cannot forget my programming team and all of my co-workers for embracing me since the day I became the program director.

During my tenure at KBLX, my most memorable moment, was when were able to achieve becoming the #1 music station in a market that is extremely diverse, with a very small African American community. It showed us, that a diverse city, such as SF., loves R&B music.  I will miss the genuine camaraderie of my co-workers.

Since radio is in my DNA, I desire to do nothing, other than compelling and competitive radio. I am exploring any new and exciting opportunities. I am walking out of Bonneville Int’l, better equipped than ever before. I have the drive, the heart, the tools, the knowledge, skills and abilities, to share with my new radio home.

Elroy can be reached at [email protected].


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