Elderly Florida Woman Gets Conned Out of Nearly $600,000 by Waitress


    An elderly woman was conned out of nearly $600,000 by a waitress. With the help of the 99-year-old victim’s brother, investigators in Florida said they uncovered a massive fraud scheme.

    On Wednesday, Sheena Russell, 45, was arrested by deputies with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of grand theft, fraud, and exploitation. She is charged with stealing nearly $600,000 from a woman’s account to pay for vacations and bills.

    After she moved into a senior living home, the elderly woman’s brother tipped off investigators. The brother resides out of state and oversees her financial matters. Over the last few years, the brother said he saw large money transfers to Russell.

    It was confirmed that Russell was never allowed to take any money from the woman’s accounts once investigators spoke with the victim.

    After her husband died, Russell helped the older woman run errands. While working as a waitress in Fort Walton Beach, officials said, Russell became acquainted with the woman and her husband. She is now employed as a waitress Destin.

    Bank records showed wire transfers to Russell’s account between March 30, 2020, and Sept. 22, 2021, for more than $582,647, bank records pulled by the sheriff’s office show.

    Investigators contacted Russell’s attorneys, who claimed that the errand runner and the elderly woman had a business venture together. However, the Sheriff said the attorney’s office could not produce documents confirming the business venture.

    The money was spent on elaborate expenditures such as paying off a mortgage and car, trips to Walt Disney World, and much more.

    To cover up the scheme, the woman’s brother told the sheriff that Russell tried to keep the victim away from family.

    Russell has been released on a $60,000 bond. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Russell has yet to give investigators an official statement and fired her attorney.


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