Ebro in the Morning Discusses Chris Rock Comparing Oscars Return to Nicole Brown Simpson Case (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Chris Rock comparing returning to the Oscars to Nicole Brown Simpson’s case. Chris Rock is getting backlash right now because he told an audience that he turned down hosting the Oscars next year. “Going back to the award ceremony would be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson to go back to the restaurant where she left her eyeglasses before being killed.”

    Ebro said the comment falls in line with Chris Rock’s style of humor. Rosenberg agreed and said the context of the comment should be taken as a joke.

    Rosenberg said he wondered why Rock turned down hosting the Oscars. He said Chris Rock going back to the Oscars would be huge, and “it’s not like you’re gonna get slapped again.”

    The morning show then discussed the reason why Chris Rock would not want to come back to the Oscars. Perhaps he is traumatized or does not want to get used for ratings. Or perhaps there was an issue with money and Chris Rock wants more cash to do the show, said Ebro.

    “It does seem, though, that Chris has maybe been affected by this moment more than any of us would have guessed. Like, you know, hasn’t talked to Will or tried to make it better. Hasn’t wanted to talk about it very much. Hasn’t done an interview. Doesn’t want to do the Oscars.,” said Rosenberg.

    The morning show was not sure how the slap had affected Chris Rock. Stylez said the comedian does mention the altercation during every show, “for just a little bit”


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