Do Black Mothers Tell Kids What to Do if She is Attacked at Home?


    There are many instances in the news where Black women have been the victims of domestic abuse, rape, and even murder.

    In some of these situations, their children are present in the home but are the kids told what to do in situations like this like to run out of the house banging on neighbors’ doors or call a family member or the police? Is there a strategy for the kids if their mother is being attacked?

    A quick-thinking 9-year-old boy in Palm Beach, FL, heard his mother being beaten and attacked by her boyfriend, who threatened to finish her off. She had asked the man to move out of her home when he started beating her and then proceeded to cut her and choke her

    The boy told the man to stop choking his mother, or he would call the police, and that was enough for the man to stop choking the woman and leave. The man was charged with attempted murder.

    When police arrived at the scene, the woman was slashed with a knife on her face, bloodied and bruised, but her son saved her life. 

    The situation could have ended much worse with the child being injured. This prompts a question. Are single black mothers prepared for emergencies in the home when their safety is at risk? Is there an exit plan for the children or a way for them to get her help? 


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