DL Hughley Says Republicans Have Taken Over the Supreme Court to Rule Over People (Video)


    DL Hughley said Republicans have taken over the Supreme Court to rule over people. He said before Republicans relinquish the power, they will resort to tactics to maintain control.

    Republicans will allow scandals and White supremacy in their organization and other foul misdoings by members of their party as long as they can stay in power, claimed Hughley.

    “Isn’t it interesting that one of the objectives from the right during the confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson was that she was an activist, and she would be an activist,” said Hughley.

    Hughley said Republicans have sought to actively overturn Roe V. Wade. Even with their small numbers, which are shrinking, Republicans are fighting to own the courts, said Hughley.

    “One of the things about Donald Trump that he did for them they will not argue… He gave them judges. A lot of them. A lot of young, very unqualified judges,” said Hughley.

    Hughley warned that more power would be given to police and corporate America while programs such as affirmative action are in jeopardy.

    The right is seeking freedom not to wear masks and buy guns, but those same people are fighting to take away rights from women and minorities and anyone that isn’t them.

    “This has been the game all along. To disorientate, disfranchise you to say this is all the same, and then to do this,” said Hughley.

    Most people in America believe in a woman’s right to have an abortion, but the courts are not considering the people's will, argued Hughley.

    “They didn’t care about Trump. They cared about getting judges. They cared about the Supreme Court,” said Hughley.

    Now, Republicans have an overwhelming majority in the Supreme Court.

    “When the minority control the majority, that is not how you govern. It’s how you rule,” said Hughley.

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