Did YSL Co-Defendant Pass Drugs to Young Thug or Just a Note? (video)


    A defense attorney representing Jeffrey Williams (Young Thug) filed a motion Friday asking for an independent investigation in the Young Thug YSL RICO matter. After being tased several times earlier in the week, he claims one of the defendants was taken by police to the hospital.

    Cordarius Dorsey aka Kahlieff Adams

    Surinder K. Chadha Jimenez, the defense attorney representing Cordarius Dorsey, has filed the motion in response to Thursday’s motion from prosecutors alleging that Kahlieff Adams gave a Percocet Young Thug.

    William’s defense attorney said Williams had done no wrong. Williams was presented with something, but he didn’t know its contents. He immediately gave it to a deputy.

    The motion stated that Adams would be taken to the back holding cells “shortly after that.” While the courtroom was full of people, the undersigned lawyer and his client could hear the loud banging in the area where Mr. Adams was kept.

    As the disturbance occurred, several officers entered the courtroom and entered the holding room where Mr. Adams was being held. The Honorable Angela D’Williams asked to go back to check on her client. She was refused.

    According to the motion, Adams was taken to the Hospital after ingesting contraband. Based on information and belief, Adams was also taken to the Hospital because he required medical attention after being repeatedly tased by officers.

    Defense attorneys are asking for an investigation. source


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