Detroit Man Receives Second Chip Implant: No Longer Needs House or Car Keys


    A Detroit man has received his second chip implant. Brandon Dalaly no longer needs to worry about misplacing his keys. That is because he has received another implant; this time, the chip was the key to his Tesla.

    Dalaly began making headlines after he posted a video of himself using his new chip. As a tech enthusiast, the car owner told FOX 2 of his yearning to be at the forefront of technology. He began his journey with a chip in his left hand that conveniently allowed him to control his front door and other activities, such as information sharing.

    “So after that was inserted and the swelling went down, I’m able to open up the front and back door of my house. I can walk up to people and have them tap their phone to my hand and instantly transfer my contact information in my portfolio, my Covid vaccine card,” he said.

    With the success of his first transplant, Dalaly decided to take chip implantation a step further.

    “So I thought how cool would it be if I could leave my house with no car key and no house key?” he said.

    A few weeks ago, the technology buff decided to get a chip in his right hand that controls his Tesla vehicle. He can start the car or open the door with just a tap.

    “It’s a perfect backup. You can never forget it. It never breaks, something that won’t fail you,” he said.

    He was able to get his chips without the consultation of a doctor.

    “The chips themselves are around $200 to $300, and the install is only about $100 because you can go to a local piercing shop who will agree to do the installation,” he said. “All the programming and coding putting the apps on the chips – that’s all done by me.”

    Dalaly plans to have more chips implanted in the future. Next, he would like to be able to get body temperature readings.

    “It would be inserted near the breast, and then you can tap your phone to your chest and instantly get temperature readings,” he said.

    With the installation of his implant, Dalaly hopes to gain the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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