Dawn Robinson Thinks Wearing a Mask May Kill Her (VIDEO)


The former member of En Vogue and Lucy Pearl, Dawn Robinson sat down for.a video chat with The Jasmine Brand and the subject of COVID-19 came. up. Dawn said Black people are used to surviving so she knows we will get through this however, she also spoke about wearing a mask. While she does wear the mask, she chooses to keep her nose uncovered because she doesn’t want to breath in. the carbon dioxide. Dawn believes this weakens our immune system, which in turn may ultimately kill us.

Scientifically this is not true at all. Only in an effort to help a sister out, let me explain. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are so small that it passes right through the mask. COVID-19 droplets are bigger so it makes it much harder to pass through the mask so wearing the mask is not a 100% protection but it is a good thing. This can actually be and has been measured. Check out the video.



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