D. L. Hughley Chosen for CBS Comedy Pilot


D.L Hughley is no stranger to television.  He has done it all from sitcoms to talk shows.  Adding to his resume, CBS has made the decision to make a cast change on the comedy pilot “Brothered Up” by casting DL Hughley in a significant role.dl hughely, radiofacts.comRomany Malco was originally casted as the co-lead but the shows creator decided to go with Hughley after a solid table read.  Comedy veteran D. L. is set as the co-lead opposite Adhir Kalyan in the buddy cop sitcom from CBS TV Studios.Directed by James Burrows and written by Mark Gross,  “Brothered Up” is about an emotionally guarded African-American cop gets partnered with an emotionally available Pakistani cop and they are forced to find a way to connect as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood.

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