Crane Collapse in Midtown Atlanta Injuries Four (video)


    Four individuals sustained injuries on Monday afternoon in a crane collapse incident in Midtown Atlanta. Atlanta Fire Rescue Department promptly arrived at the scene near the intersection of W. Peachtree Street and 10th Street after receiving reports of a fire. However, they discovered a partial crane collapse at a construction site instead.

    Authorities reported that a section of the crane’s counterbalance fell off, causing significant damage to two floors of the adjacent building. Additionally, debris from the collapse damaged a nearby vehicle. The injured individuals were initially transported to Grady Memorial Hospital with injuries not deemed life-threatening. Subsequently, they were transferred by ambulance to Northside Hospital.

    To ensure public safety, W. Peachtree Street has been closed to traffic, along with the closure of Spring Street NW between 12th Street and 10th Street, as well as 10th Street NW from Spring Street NW to W. Peachtree Street NW. Responding to the incident were Atlanta police, Georgia Tech police, Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, and EMS crews.

    Officials are currently investigating the situation, and it is advised for the public to avoid the area for the next few hours. source

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