Commercial Radio Alert: Internet Radio Takes Aim at Car Radio


Great article in the NY Times today about what several record label exec SWEAR is going to be the death of commercial radio as we know it today.THE Internet’s tentacles seem to have no limit, reaching out and strangling CDs, bookstores, newspapers and magazines. Now it has its sights set on the car radio.

CAR TUNES Internet services, like Pand ora for the iPhone are bringing Web music into cars through smartphone apps.

Many people are already accustomed to plugging an iPod into the car to listen to their library of Chet Baker or Arcade Fire tracks rather than CDs. But now there is a new movement that could really threaten traditional broadcast radio: Internet music services like Pand ora, Slacker and, already popular with computer and smartphone owners, are being tailored by software developers, consumer electronics companies and even automakers to work more seamlessly with car stereo systems. So, while video didn’t end up killing [read more here]