Cleo Manago Releases Video In Commemoration of World AIDS Day "HIV Healing in Young Black America:


Radio Facts:  width= Social Architect/Activist Cleo Manago Releases Video In Commemoration of World AIDS Day “HIV  Healing in Young Black America:Getting the Language RightWashington, D.C. – In solidarity with the commemoration of  World AIDS Day  on December 1, social architect/ activist Cleo Manago has released a thought provoking video missile in an effort to continue the dialogue and incite change within the Black community. The video,  “HIV Healing in Young Black America:   Getting the Language Right” is a hard hitting, no holds barred examination highlighting the voices of youngAfrican American leaders  from across the nation.   A fan page has been set up on Facebook under “HIV Healing in Young Black America by Cleo Manago”(  so viewers can watch the short film and leave their comments.The film short examines the rarely addressed relationship between Black self-concept, culture, sexuality, masculinity and the capacity to protect the community from HIV and self-destruction.   Youth suicides, hetero and homosexuality, and  Bishop Eddie Long are just a few of the topical issues raised and addressed.Opening with  Magic Johnson’s HIV disclosure at his 1991 press conference, the 17 minute documentary moves at a riveting pace, incorporating dialogue, music, historic news clips, statistics, historical figures, speeches, sound bites and comedic clips from popular culture including “The Boondocks,” and “In Living Color.” “HIV Healing in Young Black America” ultimately reveals itself as a poignant appeal targeting the heart of Black America.”HIV Healing in Young Black America” is also being distributed for group viewings at private screenings, churches, colleges, grassroots educational efforts and health centers on World AIDS DAY.   The video has already been viewed by over 1000 people, many of them primarily  African American youth.