Chico DeBarge Charged with Possession of Meth


80 singer Chico DeBarge, 55, was arrested after neighbors complained of a man acting erratically in his RV/home. When police arrived, the RV was impounded and checked, and they found drug paraphernalia, including meth, on-board.

Debarge was charged, then released on his own recognizance. DeBarge had also been arrested this past January for a DUI, including an additional charge for impersonation when he claimed to be his older brother James DeBarge.

Chico, who had the late 1980s hit “Talk To Me,” has admitted that he has struggled with drugs and was arrested in 2017 and 2019 for drug charges.

The DeBarge family has been plagued with drug addiction and other issues attributed to their upbringing in Michigan and their late father, Robert DeBarge senior, who ruled the children with an iron fist, causing them psychological problems as adults.

Who was Robert Debarge Sr and What Happened

In April 2020, Chico DeBarge’s son Dantae DeBarge was stabbed to death in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles, California. He was 35 (pictured).


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