Charlamagne Gives Lee Daniels “Donkey of the Day” Fans Ask Charlamagne to Apologize to MoNique


Radio Facts: Charlamagne states Lee should treat Damon Dash as he would a white man (lol) and he is right, we will pay white people back and respect them (banks, taxes etc) but will treat each other like sh. When it comes to loans. Lee may be worth millions, on the other hand, but he could be broke too.Charlamagne states he was hit on social media for not apologizing to Monique in her assessment of Lee Daniels for being cheap on a previous appearance of The Breakfast Club Radio Show.The look on Lee Daniels face was hilarious during the confrontation with Dame Dash video, he NEVER expected to see Dame Dash in front of all his white West Hollywood fu fu friends AT A DIANA ROSS CONCERT? Lee came with his green shawl and wine and was looking forward to a wonderful evening with the legendary Diana Ross but it wasn’t to be. Even Diana chimed in about changing the “mood in the room.” Lee is probably still under the covers at home from the humiliation. Let us pray. Hear Donkey of the Day video below.  

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