Candace Owens Discusses How the Government Continues to Enslave People: The Goal is to Make Americans Dependent on Some Form of Government (VIDEO)


    Candace Owens said the government is working to enslave Americans. She said that the government’s response to the pandemic was a fear campaign. The government paid people to stay home. They did the same thing to Black America when they incentivized people not to work, which caused more problems. Paying people not to work does not fix the issue.

    “You don’t have a job, we’re going to give you money, it’s not a lot of money, but it will help you in the short run. And you look up, and you got actually people who didn’t realize what was happening who didn’t want to go back to work,” said Owens.

    The small businesses suffered the most from Americans not wanting to return to work because now these businesses cannot find workers.

    “Now you see the signs everywhere, help needed, help needed. Well, that’s the point, it’s to take out all of these smaller businesses,” said Owens.

    The goal is to make everyone in America dependent on some form of government. This has happened before, and this is happening now.

    “The best kinds of slaves are the ones who don’t know they are slaves, right. Those are the best kinds of slaves because they get up every day and don’t recognize that their slaves,” said Owens.

    Taking away family and education has been the main components the government has used to control the masses, said Owens. This is done even today.

    “You have created a perfect slave that has gone through the system, controlled by the federal government, convinced that they know something when they know absolutely nothing,” said Owens.


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