Busta Rhymes Calls Out T.I. for Backing Down from Potential Verzuz Battle


First and foremost, I don’t believe a Verzuz battle with Busta Rhymes and T.I. is good match up. I appreciate both artists but I”m with T.I. on this one as far as match up not being appealing to me. Now back to the lecture at hand – Busta Rhymes made an appearance on the Fat Joe show and claimed that he wanted all the Verzuz smoke from anybody.

Fat Joe let Busta know that the King of the South had been talking a little about New York rappers and presented Busta with the challenge of going up against T.I. Busta then issued the challenge. T.I. responded but said the felt it was a true generational gap between the two of them and that he didn’t want to do that Verzuz. Well, this is Busta’s eloquent response to T.I. For the record, this is all in love. There is no beef at all.

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