Bully Causes Permanent Brain Damage to Another Boy, Why Parents of Bullies Could Go Be Arrested (video)


    Can you imagine standing there with your kid at school and one of his 8th-grade classmates sucker punches your child in the face as hard as he can … right in front of you?

    One has to give this woman credit for exercising restraint in a situation like this. What if she had done something? Would she have been arrested? Maybe, or she may have gotten away with if claiming self-defense.

    These two classic and tragic stories should serve as a reminder about how important it is to know what’s going on with your child. It is no wonder several parents have decided to homeschool. Kids need to be socialized but they also need to be protected and the school system needs to be more responsible.

    This particular bully was arrested for 3rd-degree assault and the mother started campaigning on Facebook for laws to be passed to charge the parents of bullies in the town of Tonawanda, NY a suburb of Buffalo and she actually got a law passed.

    So much for his future, if his arrest record isn’t expunged.

    Bullying is the only predatory CRIME that is not considered a “crime.” Why? Because a lot of people would be held culpable, the school, the local board, the principal, the teachers, the bully, the bully’s parents, etc. But bulling IS a crime and should be punishable by law.

    You are physically attacking someone for no reason? Isn’t that assault? Adults get arrested for that so… It affects kids well into adulthood and destroys their self-esteem.

    On the other hand, there are so many laws that affect disciplining your own kids can parents even step in but it’s hard to have sympathy for parents who raise rotten kids to be bullies.

    A small town in the suburbs of Buffalo is doing something about it and yes it should be a national law, fine and arrest the parents of bullies and see if that doesn’t straighten the kid out. More cities are considering passing this as law as well.

    In the second story, a boy is bullied by a much larger boy in Los Angeles who puts him in a chokehold.

    The boy suffers permanent brain damage and the bully was never arrested or expelled. His parents say he lost his brother and was having some anger issues … The mother is suing the school.


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