Radio Facts: I won't say which format either of these situations are.   I have changed and tweaked everything that will make it obvious but it's not that hard to figure out.#1Did a PD mislead other PDs by calling them and asking them if they were happy with their jobs? When the PDs responded they were not, this PD replied, I'll be getting back to you. THEN the PD who made the calls was OUT. Was this PD being crafty (and quite clever I may add) by making the PDs think that they were up for a gig when it was really HIM who was going to make an effort to get THEIR gigs? Some think so and they also state this PD's alleged plan backfired because as soon as he was out, the same PDs he called turned around and called his boss for HIS job.#2Has a former employee used her political connections to open an investigation against her former employer/corporation for unethical business practices? Sources say “we can't talk about it” but   it's supposedly a FEDERAL investigation. This particular company has what some consider to be OBVIOUS and OPEN questionable practices on DISPLAY for the whole industry to see.



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