Black Men in Louisianna Step up To The Plate for Kids as Dads (video)


This is the result of what happens when black men in an unruly school environment take over in Shreveport, Louisianna and take responsibility for not only their children but ALL children. I’m not a social scientist but …

Could you imagine what would happen if black men were in the homes of the children and Mary to the children’s mother? I’ve gathered that would make a huge difference as well. This is one great story

Unfortunately, this is one of those things that we don’t like to discuss in the black community black men are absent and a disproportionate number is in the home is all of this have to do with just laziness and not wanting to take responsibility?

Not all of it A large portion of it has to do with racism in the inability for black men to prosper but by the same token being proud does not eliminate taking responsibility.

They want to make this a chapter throughout Louisiana, But in all fairness, it would benefit the entire country to have this in place can you imagine if all high schools had black men step up to the plate and come of the schools and patrol the hallways? Hopefully, this moment go to nationalI’m sure the teachers will be thrilled

This is UH and allows not only kids to feel safe but put bullies out of business. The community should always be involved and show concern for the kids in our school system this is such a great story. These black men don’t realize how many lives they are saving by making this valiant effort

This is the best story we have posted all year. KUDOS to “Dads on Duty” and CBS News for doing the segment.


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