Bitter Lesbian Radio Feminist Calls Michelle Obama WHAT? (audio)

I once worked with Tammy Bruce when I worked for KACE in Los Angeles. I was amazed at that entire situation because we were making half of what the KOST and KFI white employees were making even though many of the black announcers had more experience. In addition, we were the stepchildren and our position was well known by the way the KOST and KFI Radio DJs treated us and by the way they were treated. Several of them had television production deals, were making appearances on the news both locally and nationally and they had book deals. Most if not all of them have gone on to stardom or greater things and most of the KACE people did not (excusing me and a couple of other Radio DJs). Tammy Bruce and I crossed paths many times in the hallway, she may have spoken to me….once… and that was after I spoke to her. She was very bitter and had an attitude like everybody was out to get her, she was always the victim and a lot of people really did NOT like her. Her listeners picked up on it too and men would call in and ask her what kind of razor she used to shave her face with (laugh).I have a question, how in the fook can you be gay and racist? Isn’t that a contradiction of sorts? What is the deal with all of these conservatives attacking EVERYTHING the Obamas do? Where in the fook do you get off calling Michelle “trash?”   Tammy has made absolutely sure everyone within listening range knows that she is a lesbian, wearing it as a badge of honor… I could personally care less until something like this takes place. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.   She has risen through the ranks writing several books and making many TV appearances but she has gone too far on this one…


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