As Revenue Declines for Commercial Radio More Stations Head to Online Broadcasting… Here are a few (links)


Amid a decline in advertising revenue for commercial broadcast radio, and the growth of broadband internet access, online radio has proliferated in recent years. The launch of   Sun Radio is the latest example. Ten internet stations you might not have listened to yet.WFMUWhat the Americans call a listener-supported station based in New Jersey.It claims to be the longest running freeform (non-commercial) station in the US.wfmu.orgRadio PopbitchMusic chosen by otters for humans.radiopopbitch.comSoma FMSan Francisco DJ collective specialising in underground and alternative music.somafm.comWoxyFormerly one of the biggest commercial stations in the US, 97X ended up surviving online as Woxy. The future of rock and roll, from Ohio.woxy.comResonance FMA radio station that claims to make publicise art and music that has “no place in traditional broadcasting”.resonancefm.comRhubarb RadioThe brainchild of a small group of bloggers, the Birmingham-based radio station focuses on creative industries and the local music scene.www.rhubarbradio.comKooba RadioUnsigned band s and unsigned artists; based in 103.1Indie radio station in LA that switched from traditional radio to internet only.www.indie1031.fmLast FMOften termed a “music community”, after attracting more than 30 million active users, it was sold to CBS Interactive for  £140m. It builds profiles of each listeners’ musical tastes. UK-based.www.last.fmRadio ParadiseListener-supported US station seemingly based on the work of just two DJs. Mix of most

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