ARN VOTE: Best DJs and Radio Announcers So Far Are…


 width=Urban radio has seen some of the most phenominal DJs and Radio DJs across the board. Many have passed or moved on to other careers but we are interested in knowing who YOU think was/is the BEST DJ or Radio DJ you have ever heard.Is there anyone missing from this list?Here are my favorites: Chuckie T – WBLK Buffalo Byron Pitts – WBLK/WFXEHound Dog – WBLK BuffaloCarol Blackmon – WBLK/WVEE/Radio OneMike Roberts WVEE – Atl”Joanne” WVEE – AtlantaKeith Pollard – WAOK AtlantaZilla Mays – WAOK AtlantaDiana Steele – KKBT LAJillian Harris – KACE Los AngelesMarsha Robinson KGFJ Los AngelesDee Perry – Kiss 104 AtlantaKev…Below is everybody else's favorites– ——————————-Symphony SidRadio DJo HendersonHank SpannJerry B “˜ Jerry BledsoeDel ShieldsMaurice “Hot-Rod” HulbertPaul “FatDaddy”JohnsonCurtis AndersonAl JeffersonDiamond Jim SearsRandy DennisTim WattsMoonManGuy BrodyRadio DJo HendersonGeorgie WoodsJoe ButterBall TamburroFrankie CrockerKen WebbChuck LeonardHank SpannDonnie SimpsonBobby BennettMelvin LindseyKirby CarmichaelLee BaileyBill BaileyJJ JohnsonDJ Boogaloo Mix Radio DJ Memphis-TNBest Pipes E. Rodney Jones WVONBest Technition”board Mechanics”Robert HoneyBoy Thomas WDIABest Community/Listener MotivatorThe Magnificent Montague KGFJ” Burn Baby BurnMost Effective Overall EntertainerBill “˜WildChild Williams KyokBest Myth Buster Bill Bailey

The Deuce-(Rudy Rutherford, RIP) WOKS-Columbus, GA. First Black DJ to have his own TV Dance Show (Rocking with the Deuce on Saturday mornings).Duane Jones (on the air in Cleveland, also WIGO ATL, and the last I know WJLD in Birmingham)Doug Steele (WAOK, WIGO, ATL, , Syndicated Coast To Coast Soul… /Top 20)Dr. Feelgood (Markus Boyd (RIP) WAOK, Atlanta, GA)MichaelSapp (WFDR, Mancester, GA WOKS, Columbus, GA)John Person (Jive Master, RIP) WIGO, Atlanta, GAZilla Mayes (RIP) WIGO, Atlanta, GARick Fly (RIP) WIGO Atlanta, GASuper Radio DJ (Pete Blalock, WOKS, Columbus, WJIZ, Albany)King Rap (WOKS, Columbus, WJIZ Albany?)Wanda Ramos (WVEE, Atlanta GA)s/greats over the years, but I will leave it at this.

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  1. ROUND TWO!!
    Gary Byrd WWRL
    Jo-Jo V101.5 Jacksonville
    Capt.Paul Porter WKYS
    JoJo Davis Power99
    Golden Boy Power99
    Stanley T Power99
    Vaughn Harper WBLS
    Tony Brown WDAS
    Jerry Wells WDAS
    Dyanna Williams WHUR/WDAS
    Walt Baby Love WXLO
    Doug Banks WGCI
    BJ Murphy WPEG


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