Armstrong: Jordan’s Bulls Couldn’t Play In This Era
CHICAGO, IL – JUNE 16: From left, Chicago Bulls players Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan sit with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Bulls head coach Phil Jackson and Illinois Governor Jim Edgar at the team’s NBA chionship rally in Chicago, IL 16 June. In the NBA Finals, the Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz four-games-to-two to win their third straight title and their sixth in eight years. (Photo credit should read PETER PAWINSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

On today’s episode of CBS Sports Radio’s Gio & Jones, former Chicago Bulls guard and Michael Jordan’s teammate, B.J. Armstrong, joined Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones to discuss the differences between today’s NBA teams and the teams of his era. Armstrong commented that Jordan’s Bulls couldn’t play in today’s era nor could the Warriors play in the ‘90s because both teams were constructed and played by the rules of their eras. See key quotes below.

Why you can’t compare the ‘90s era to today’s NBA (7:50):
“I never try to compare eras because it’s so hard (with) the way teams were constructed due to the rules and the eras that you played in…that era in the ’90s was a very physical era. There was hand-checking, the rules of the game was different, there wasn’t as much emphasis on the three-point shot, and clearly the physicality was a different game. So I think that (Bulls) team was constructed for that era.”

Analyzing the match-up between the ‘90s Bulls and today’s Warriors (9:59):
“I’ll be very clear: I don’t think that that Bulls team could play in this era, I really don’t. I don’t see the match-ups… Jordan is going to be Jordan in any area you put him in, but he’s going to be occupied guarding Klay Thompson…Jordan is going to have to stay at home and not wander around defensively against Klay Thompson because Klay Thompson is an explosive scorer and he’s a catch-and-shoot guy, which is one of the hardest, more difficult guards because he’s constantly in motion.”  Listen below!

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