Are Shirley Caesar’s, Kim Burrell, Quotes Misunderstood?


Kim Burrell must be thrilled that the negative spotlight that was on her has suddenly shifted to gospel legend Shirley Caesar. Caesar stated in a video during a sermon that people should be able to say what they want in their churches, she went on to say that if (Kim) had an issue with homosexuality she should have said something four years ago when “our President made that stuff alright.” Whether she was talking about gay rights or marriage becoming law (which was actually a Supreme Court decision) we’re not sure. She went on to admit that none of us are perfect.
It certainly appeared that Caesar, who just enjoyed a huge surge in popularity with the #younameitchallenge, would have to be a FOOL to jump on Burrell’s bandwagon but many people are under the impression that she did, but did she?
It appears she was actually saying, in her own way, ‘you have to be careful about what you say in the church because once you say it it’s out there, can we just move on?’ It also appeared she was defending a person’s right to speak in their church.
Caesar never said she agreed with Kim however, the gospel legend is being dragged across the internet for agreeing with Kim. In this video she explains her intention, which is certainly a lot more credible than Kim’s apology video.

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