Angry Neighbor Fires Several Shots Into Milwaukee Daycare


A Milwaukee home-based daycare that held seven children was shot at multiple times, and the owner blames the gunshots on a neighbor that is angry about parking issues.

Bullet holes are still visible inside and out at Little Warriors Child Car in Milwaukee after shots were fired on April 12 at the home-based daycare building. The daycare’s owner, Andjeia Harris, put the children in a bathtub for protection until the police arrived.

“The daycare was shot into several times, and all I could do was just get all my kids and bring them down and protect them with you know, trying to use my parenting skills,” Harris said.

Harris is currently operating from a temporary location. 

She blames the shooting on a neighbor, angry about what they saw as a parking issue caused by her new business. 

“Bullets went right over my head. I felt glass shatter on my back. It felt like melting glass. It felt like it melted through my back as I’m like shielding down, trying to protect. I had a 1-year-old in a high chair. I had a 4-month-old still in her carrier seat,” she said. 

The child’s father, James Cooper, can barely comprehend gunfire in a daycare facility. 

“I don’t know why people are like that. IT’s just the way people are,” he said. “That honestly hurt my heart because I could have lost my little girl, and she’s like my everything.”

Harris stated that she was just getting her fledgling business off the ground at the location. Now, she won’t be returning, if she decides to reopen at all. 

“I could have lost my life. Any of my children could have lost their life. Bullets don’t have a name. The bullets could have easily went through the wall and hit any of my children,” she said. 

Milwaukee police have arrested four men in relation to the incident, but no charges have been filed so far.

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