After Hitting A Homerun Josh Donaldson Is Ejected From The Game


How often does a player get ejected from the game after crossing home plate? Not often, but Minnesota Twins’ Josh Donaldson accomplished that rare feat in a game against the Chicago White Sox. During his at-bat Donaldson checked his swing on a pitch that was called a strike. He asked the umpire if it was called because of his swing or the pitch thrown was a strike. He and the umpire went back and forth with each other and the at-bat continued. Later in the at-bat Donaldson hit a homerun and as he crossed home plate he kicked dirt on the plate and was promptly ejected. That my friends is a case of when being petty goes wrong. The Twins are fighting the Sox for the division and his team didn’t need to lose him. The Sox eventually won the game and clinched a playoff berth for the first time in 12 years. Check out the video of Donaldson being ejected.

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