A “Stanley” Gets Arrested After Racist Comments to Black Neighbor, Calls Black Man the N-Word in front of the Police (video)


    So “Stanley” (Edward Cagney Mathews) really thought his privilege would be by his side like an old friend and prevent him from getting arrested and he was livid that the black man was not arrested after he hurled several racial insults at the Black man as he was asked to leave but refused.

    He proceeded to call the man the N-word several times couple with “Monkey” and asked him to go back to Africa? I would guess Stanly may have a problem with black people?

    It’s unclear what started the whole thing but it ended with hundreds of people in front of his house after he gave his address on the video. He had police protection but was then arrested. Odd that he was protected first THEN arrested. One has to wonder if the neighbors chimed in to get the “undesirables” off the property. See video from TMZ


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