70-Year-Old Man Shot in Head By Wife as He Slept


A 70-year-old man was shot in the head by his wife as he slept. According to police, the 73-year-old Oklahoma woman admitted she had been thinking about it for days.

After calling police to her home near 17th and Olympia Avenue, Tulsa, on March 9, Linda Burton, 73, was arrested for allegedly shooting her husband.

On their Facebook page on Thursday, The Tulsa Police Department also issued a press release of the incident.

“On 3/9/2022 around 3:15 p.m., Officers were called out to a home near 17th and Olympia Ave,” read the press release.

“The caller, 73-year-old Linda Burton, notified dispatch that her 70-year-old husband was sitting in his chair with no pulse.

“Firefighters arrived and realized the victim had been shot twice, and the shooting was not self-inflicted.

“While paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital, the victim reportedly said, “I can’t believe the b*tch finally did it.”

Overnight, The victim underwent surgery. He is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

After police took her into custody, Burton was questioned about what transpired at home.

She took her husband’s .380 handgun from his vest, went into the room, and shot him one time in the back of the head, Burton said. According to police, her husband woke up after the shooting, confronted Burton, and tried to grab the gun.

Again, the gun went off, and the victim was shot through his hand and into his torso. Who fired the gun the second time was not specified by the police. Detectives recovered the weapon used in the shooting at the scene.

She had thought about shooting her husband for several days, Burton reportedly admitted to investigators. The woman was upset because she thought her husband hacked her bank account, she added.

Burton said she waited about 15 minutes before calling the police after the shooting. When asked if she provided any life-saving measures, the wife stated she placed him on a blanket.

Linda was arrested for shooting with intent to kill, domestic assault, and battery with a deadly weapon. At this stage, the Tulsa Police Department specified that this was an arrest, and there has been no conviction.

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