7 Thriving Business Careers, No MBA Needed


With an expected 2.2 million job openings by 2014, the business world may want you. And you don't necessarily need a business degree to be a part of this growing field.

The good analytical skills and creativity found in liberal arts and science degrees can transfer into the marketable skills you can use in business.These seven hot jobs in business may be able to transform your non-business degree into a valuable asset in the business world. Want more great news? You can take many of the classes online.

Health Care Manager

If you love the idea of working in the medical field while being in charge, train to become a health care manager. Health care managers coordinate and supervise offices, departments, or entire facilities.

A bachelor's degree in health sciences or a nursing degree with an emphasis in administration can get you started. Best yet, health care managers made an average annual salary of $84,980 in 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers act as a liaison between management and employees. They often recruit and hire new employees, as well as work with employees and managers in order to increase productivity and boost morale.

Although some human resource managers earned a bachelor's degree in business, others hold a liberal arts degree. Online classes in social sciences and behavioral sciences as well as business can help you succeed in this well-paying career. Human resource managers made an average annual salary of $99,810 in 2007, according to the BLS.

Information Systems Manager

Apply your interest in computers and become an information systems manager. Information systems managers work with a company's business plan and research how technology and information systems might meet those needs and then implement that technology.

An associate's or bachelor's degree in information technology or management information systems can get your foot in the door. According to the BLS, information systems managers made an annual average salary of $113,880 in 2007.

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Occupational health and safety specialists look out for the welfare of the public, the environment, and employees as they test and monitor the quality of air, water, and soil.

You may find yourself working in an office, factory, or mine as you also conduct inspections and enforce laws and regulations. You need a bachelor's degree in a field like chemistry, biology, engineering, or occupational health to join this field. These professionals made an average annual salary of $61,310 in 2007, according to the BLS.

Public Relations Specialist

The need for public relations specialists is expected to grow 18 percent within the next eight years. If you are interested in a bachelor's degree in communication studies, why not then take your enthusiasm and those hard won communication skills and become a public relations specialist.

You work may include drafting press releases and working with the media, government, and community. According to the BLS, public relations specialists made an average annual salary of $57,100 in 2007.

Web Site Designer

If you want to combine your creative edge with computer skills, become a Web site designer, where you will work with computer software in order to design Web pages. Graphic design software can help you create the look you want for your clients.

An associate's degree in graphic design or a bachelor's of fine arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design can give you the online career training you need for this creative endeavor. Web designers with between five and nine years of experience made an average of $47,342 in 2008, according to PayScale, Inc.


If you have fantasies of running your own business one day, study what you enjoy most by earning an online degree that can provide you with much-needed career training. A bachelor's degree in English, for example, may be the perfect fit for a bookstore owner.

Love the great outdoors and have a sense of adventure? Open a gear shop or provide adventure tours after receiving an associate's degree in natural science. Although small business owners' salaries vary greatly, entrepreneurs with one to four years of experience made an average annual wage of $57,086 in 2008, according to PayScale, Inc.

Whatever your dreams, the business world needs people who enjoy their jobs and want to do them well. Many online bachelor's and associate's degree programs encourage you to explore new topics while you test hypothesis and question previously held beliefs — all while learning new skills. Expand your world with an online associate's or bachelor's degree, and expand your job opportunities. Romy LeClaire Loran is a writer, poet, and educator. She has a graduate degree in education with an emphasis in Hispanic studies as well as an MFA in creative writing, poetry, from The University of Montana-Missoula.

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