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10 Great Resource Sites for Aspiring Music Publishers

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How important is music publishing? Well, in 2017 consumer spending on music generated more than $20 billion but music businesses, including labels and publishers, took almost $10 billion, while artists received just $5.1 billion and most of the artist revenue came from touring.  Let us also not forget that in 2016 Sony bought the 50% hold the Michael Jackson estate had on Sony/ATV publishing for $750 million.

Long story short, there is a lot of money to be made in music publishing which is why new artists really need to understand how music publishing works.  While everyone is in the business to make money, there are still a few sites that offer some valuable information to help aspiring music makers reach their fullest potential when it comes to making music and getting the most of their music publishing.  All you novices should check out these ten resources.

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