What Music Can Say About your Personality



What music can say about your personality?

What your music taste says about you is probably a question we have thought about before. It is often said our taste in music is an important part of our identity, some use the saying ‘’What we listen to is who we are’’. Today, there are endless amounts of music choices on the market, we are the only ones choosing what we listen to, and often we manage to blend it in in our daily lives.

Whether you listen to metal, pop or rap, you will still have a unique personality no matter what. Every music genre speaks their own story, it is only about your taste that will make something stand out more than the other. If you wonder whether music taste and personality have anything in common, continue reading!

Music Preference and PersonalityPop MusicListening to the chart-topping pop songs is not wrong, if you enjoy it, you do that! It is often said pop fans are extroverts and they might lack a little bit of creativity. If you are a fan of pop music, you probably maintain high self-esteem and you can easily motivate yourself for a hard day on work.

Pop fans are usually rather outgoing people, they are gentle and always ready for a lovely conversation. Metal MusicMetal fans often possess distinctive traits, mainly the traits opposite of pop fans. If you enjoy metal music to the fullest, you are most likely very intuitive and introverted.

Even though metal music might sound dark and heavy, in real metal fans turn out to be quite gentle people, they are creative and always full of new original ideas! While metal fans do not seem to be as outgoing as pop fans, they still make great friends and will be a lot of fun to be around! Rap MusicIf you are a fan of rap music, it is easily said you are truly outgoing and a real extrovert.

Mainly just like pop fans, you also love to be social and enjoy a good party. Rap fans are often described as very energetic people with high self-esteem. If you ever find yourself in a group of rap fans, you might notice how they have a never-ending laugh going on and they are always ready for a good show.

As interesting as their music is, rap fans sure know how to enjoy their rhythmic vibes and a good laugh. Rock MusicRock fans are usually the most relaxed people, they are flexible and you just know how to enjoy all the nostalgic vibes a good rock band can bring! The rebellious rock spirit in rock fans often gets them called ‘’debaters’’, they can spend hours talking about random things and still have a lot of fun.

Rock fans might not be as outgoing as pop or rap fans, but they will surely have time for nice camping session near the fire listening to their favorite rock bands. R&B MusicR&B fans are probably the ones following their heart the most, they have no problems showing their deep emotions, especially if their emotions are inspired by music. Just like pop and rap fans, R&B fans are known to be very outgoing, always ready for a joke and a good laugh.

R&B fans seem to be one of the most emotional people of all, they love to connect the lyrics with their own experiences. Electronic Dance Music (EDM)This is a wide range of different music genres, but there are a couple of traits that appear amongst electronic dance music fans. As a real EDM fan, you are probably aware of how social and outgoing you are, just like rap fans, EDM fans enjoy a good party and love to socialize with people.

You would probably have no issues going to the festivals crowded with people. EDM fans are always ready for action, they are creative and full of ideas, very similar to metal fans! Looking for someone like you?

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