WGN America: UNDERGROUND Premiere Review


Sheryl Lee Ralphs and Kevin Ross
Sheryl Lee Ralph and Kevin Ross at premiere of “Underground.” 
UNDERGROUND: Premieres WGN America March 9, 2016Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the new network WGN America’s premiere of UNDERGROUND in downtown Los Angeles. This was the first episode in a series about slavery and the Underground Railroad. The first four episodes directed by Anthony Hemingway chronicles repeated attempts by horrifically treated blacks to escape the unwanted forced submission and humiliation of slavery along with the effects on the black family unit and the undeniable cruelty and subhuman treatment by white slave owners. Certain scenes really pissed me off leaving me asking myself who is the audience for this? I then realized its millennials. Younger black people who have not been privy to information on slavery in the history of America. Not just blacks kids, who need the history lesson most, but kids from all cultures who could also benefit from the history lesson.  Perhaps it is important I surmised, for us all to be reminded of where we’ve been, where we are, WHO we are and where we are going as Black people in America.The lead actors on the show Jurnee Smollet-Bell and Christopher Meloni (Law and Order Special Victims Unit) did an excellent job of creating the initial installment that drives you to want to see more. Attendees for the premiere included Angela Bassett, Jesse Williams, Mehcad Brooks, Michael Ealy and many others. I invite you to watch the premiere of UNDERGROUND, I’d love to know your thoughts,.On a side note: I have to admit, going to more and more events from other aspects of the entertainment industry is beyond refreshing and allows me to realize how dead and boring the radio and music industry are when it comes to events (especially in LA). I truly gave up on events when I kept seeing the same 5 people at music and radio events on the extreme rare occasions that they took place in LA. A couple of friends and I had a long discussion about how drastically the industry has changed and we’ve scheduled a podcast to talk about it. I will keep you posted.jurnee-smollet-bell


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