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Victoria Jackson Tells All on GluckRadio

New York, NY, February 24, 2013 –(PR.com)– Former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson appeared on talk radio show GluckRadio with Dr. Errol Gluck to talk about her career and personal life. Ms. Jackson was promoting a book entitled “Is My Bow Too Big?” which details her life which took her from an aspiring gymnast in a devout Christian household to one of the more memorable characters on Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s. While on Saturday Night Live, she tells Dr. Gluck, she did imitations of many stars including Roseanne Barr. “At one point in the interview, she started imitating me!” Dr. Gluck said immediately after the interview. “She made fun of my New York accent, and I asked her, ‘Is it really that bad?'” Victoria Jackson talked about the trials that came with being conservative in a very liberal industry.

The second part of the interview Dr. Gluck devoted to her staunch and, at times, incendiary beliefs. Victoria Jackson is anti-abortion and debated Dr. Gluck a bit on the issue. “You see,” producer Devin Exambo explains, “Victoria and Dr. Gluck are very similar on economic issues. They just differ on social issues.” Dr. Gluck thought that the government should not legislate anything that has to do with religion, but should just be limited to minimal activity like roads, defense, and property rights. “Then I don’t want my daughter being given free condoms,” Victoria countered. Jackson’s comments have been known to rile people up, especially when she compared Sandy Hook victims to aborted fetuses. “Luckily, she didn’t say anything too controversial on the show,” Gluck says.

One funny moment in the interview was when Dr. Gluck mistook Rand Paul for Ron Paul, and then proceeded to ask Victoria if she had ever heard of Rand Ann, meaning Ayn Rand.

GluckRadio is a talk show hosted by Life Coach, Dr. Errol Gluck. It features some of the most fascinating and interesting guests from all walks of life, including psychology, sexuality, politics, and current events. Dr. Gluck’s goal is to fuse enlightenment with entertainment. Prior guests have included: Aubrey de Grey, Victoria Jackson, Hattie Retroage, and more.



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