Update on DL Hughely WRKS Situation


Sources have informed us that DL was getting paid something by someone but that the company URBan radio is said to be well funded but a very small operation. WRKS is claiming URBan radio is responsible for the 3 year contract and that they are not responsible for paying Hughley (I smell a future proposed syndicated show folks) and some sources state Hughley wants to be Steve Harvey. (Hughley is too intelligent to be Steve Harvey).   Hughley is said to be pissed because he has been misled into thinking payment was forthcoming. (Ah, the old broken promises urban radio trick but even DL should know something smells like sh… after 7 months? We must teach Hughley how a lot of urban radio stations work.. do the work now and we will promote and pay you later. Hint, “later” is the year 3510 when your great, great, great, great grand children will be dead of old age). NEVER take a job at a black station that makes “promises” for FUTURE reimbursement based on how you perform. It’s the oldest trick in the book that is STILL played today. You are being tested to see what kind of a damn FOOL   your mother raised and how desperate you are to take the job with less pay.   If they can pay you later… sh…, they can pay you NOW!


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