Trevor Noah Discusses Why Geico Has to Pay a Woman $5 Million for Contracting HPV in her Boyfriend’s Car (VIDEO)


    Trevor Noah discussed why Geico must pay a woman $5 million for contracting HPV. America has a reputation around the world where anyone can sue someone for anything, said Noah. However, the stereotypes about lawsuits in America turns out to be true.

    The insurance company GEICO may have to pay a woman $5 million after claiming she caught HPV in a car from her then-boyfriend, whom GEICO insured. The woman claimed GEICO policy covers her injuries and losses. GEICO turned down the original claim, so she went to an arbitrator, said the commentator. Both legal avenues sided with the woman.

    Noah said people need to make sure terrible things happen to them when they are in a car.

    “Did you hear what they just said? A woman has been awarded $5 million from GEICO because she got HPV from sex in her boyfriend’s car and the car was insured by GEICO. I feel like if anything bad is going to happen to you, you need to make sure it’s going to happen in a car from now on,” said Noah.

    Noah said he feels terrible for all the people who have HPV but do not have $5 million. Apparently, Noah says GEICO is going to fight the lawsuit.


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