Trans Woman Charged with Exposing Male Genitalia at LA Spa (video)

Transphobia? Women’s Rights? LGBTQ rights?

A trans woman by the name of Darren Agee Merager was arrested and charged this past Monday with five counts of indecent exposure at an LA spa called Wi Spa. 

The incident actually took place on June 23 and the next day a viral video from Wi Spa in Los Angeles was online. 

An outraged woman in the spa complained that a man exposed male genitalia in a woman’s area of the spa where there were women and young girls. The spa representative stated that they did not discriminate against transgender people and there was nothing that they could do.

The state of California has very strict trans-inclusive laws against discrimination. 

The woman who complained was not willing to acquiesce as the spa representative told her there was nothing that they could do. The transwoman, Darren Agee Merager, 52, has a record as a sex offender that dates back to 2006

Merager had convictions previously in 2002 in 2003 that lead to prosecutors bringing felony charges for this incident this week on Monday for the event that took place at the Spa. In addition, Merager is awaiting trial for a total of seven counts of indecent exposure no first filed in 2018

The video caused an uproar online with many anti-trans activists and protesters siding with the woman who complained. 

Many right-wing activists and pundits were also on board with the woman who complained including, the Gateway Pundit, RealClearPolitics Breitbart, and The Blaze. Opposing protests took place which caused injuries with one journalist being hit in the head with a bat.

Proud Boys members were also a part of the protesters and about 40 people were arrested in the process

The woman who complained about the incident said she was stunned and traumatized by the incident. Trans activists (see video) say it’s the discrimination the trans community faces every day.

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