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“Yo MTV Raps” Co-Host Doctor Dre Loses Leg to Diabetes, Go Fund Me Caign Activated

Having just had part of his right leg utated as a result of a lengthy battle with Type II diabetes, Andre [...]

Abused Dog Gets Love for the First Time, Changes Completely (video)

People who abuse animals should be made to eat sh. Can't believe some people are so screwed up. [...]

How is this possible? Woman Enjoys Eating Raw Meat

This woman has been eating raw meat since she was a child and her mother and grandmother also enjoy the taste. [...]

Brother Larry Jones Exits Yolanda Adams Syndicated Show

Syndication One Announced the departure of Brother Larry Jones this week.Radio Facts: Originally posted August 26, 2010 ā€“ Syndication One announces [...]

Chubb Rock Replaces Tom Joyner at WUFO/Buffalo (pic)

Chubb Rock and Carol Blackmon at the WUFO Buffalo launch party introducing The Chubb Rock Show as the replacement for the [...]

Just Announced: More Entertainers in Addition to Headliners for theĀ 2020 Tom Joyner Ā Foundation Fantastic VoyageĀ®

Ā Tom Joyner ā€™s Ultimate Party with a PurposeĀ® supporting students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities sets sail fromĀ Ft. [...]

Beasley Media Group's Pierre Robert Gets Multi-Year Extension

Beasley Media Group's Pierre Robert agreed to a new multi-year contract extension yesterday. [...]

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