The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions Why Some Young Rich Black Males Overlook Black Girls (Video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning show questioned why some young, affluent black males overlook Black females. However, former NFL star Robert Griffin III spoke out in defense of wealthy young Black males who chose to date outside their race. The NFL star is asking people to leave these young Black men alone.

    Griffin mainly spoke about the sons of Lebron James, L.A. Reid, and Holly Robinson Peete, who all recently attended their proms with dates who were not African American.

    Some people said there is a shortage of Black girls, reported Gary With Da Tea. All three young men attend Sierra Canyon private school in California.

    “It was very interesting that all three of these boys, despite having Black mothers and fathers chose non-Black women as dates for their prom,” said Gary.

    In 2022 interracial dating should be no big deal. However, Gary said many on social media were disappointed that these young men chose women outside of their race.

    Rickey Smiley chimed in and said it’s just a phase. Gary said he is not sure if the prom dates are just a phase.

    “It bothers me because they got a lot of African American girls in California I’m sure would love to go on a date with a nice African American boy whose parents have $2 over poverty,” said Gary.

    The Morning Show chimed in to say the girl that “Bronny” took to the prom looked very attractive in her photo. Her looks were then debated by the Morning Show.

    “I feel bad for the poor girls in California, especially African American girls because they don’t have a chance,” said Gary.

    Gary added that it is sad that African American girls are not given a chance to date these young men.

    Rickey Smiley said once the young men enter college their dating preferences may change.

    “When those kids [are] going to those high schools or whatever, they go through that little phase. My son went through it. Then he came out of it. The minute my son got on Alabama State campus all that was a wrap,” said Smiley.

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