The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Why Vince Carter’s Robbery Doesn’t Make Sense (VIDEO)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed why Vince Carter’s robbery makes no sense. Someone broke into Vince Carter’s Buckhead mansion in Atlanta and stole $100,000 in cash.  Carter’s wife was in the mansion at the time with the children, said Gary With Da Tea. She hid in one of the spacious closets and called the police.

This has happened once before to Carter, said Gary. How do people break into the mansion and know precisely where to go, questioned Gary? Allegedly the money was in a bag in the closet. The morning show asked how the perpetrator knew exactly where to go in a house that size. Perhaps the robbery was an inside job, said the show.

The robber could have been the cleaner, or someone else would have access to the home, said the morning show. Two guns were also dropped at the house.

Gary asked how a criminal could break into a rich person’s house. He wondered if there was adequate security.

“That’s an inside job,” said Maria More. “That is like the maid, the gardener. Someone that routinely comes there and knows what [going on]. There is no way you can zero in on a house that size, 10,000 square feet, and know exactly where to go unless you already know.”

Vince is a former NBA player, an eight-time All-Star. He’s a big deal, said the cohost.

Gary said the intruder made it to the getaway car and escaped.

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