The Love and Backlash Surrounding the Release of Bill Cosby


American's once-favorite dad has been released from prison and the world is in an uproar. There are some who continue to defend Bill Cosby, while many others can't believe he was released and they feel this is a travesty of justice. No matter how you feel, this case is one that resembles situations the #MeToo Movement was founded on.

The 83-year-old comedic legend was released from a Pennsylvania prison on Wednesday, serving just three years of his three to 10-year sentence for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. The state’s supreme court chose to overturn Cosby's 2018 conviction on a legal technicality. In a civil hearing, Cosby was promised he wouldn't be charged if he cooperated and later he was. There lies the issue.

You have the Bill Cosby loyalists, who continue to support him and theories that he was framed for his stature and his potential purchase of NBC. Then you have the survivors of sexual assault and their supporters who are appalled by this decision. America's once-favorite mom and now Dean of Arts for Howard University, Phylicia Rashad tweeted her joy for the decision.

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted – a miscarriage of justice is corrected!” The tweet has since been deleted due to the large amount of backlash she received.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Howard University vehemently opposed Rashad’s initial tweet.

“Survivors of sexual assault will always be our priority,” the statement read. “While Dean Rashad has acknowledged in her follow-up tweet that victims must be heard and believed, her initial tweet lacked sensitivity towards survivors of sexual assault.”

Marc Lamont Hill wasn't having it all when the release was announced. He truly came for Bill Cosby and anyone who supports him.

While Lamont criticized the legal system, Judge Joe Brown actually came back at him and defended the decision and Cosby by citing the actual law.

As we all can see, there are varying opinions on this decision. One of the most profound comments that came across various timelines was, “This is why victims are afraid to come forward.” We will keep a close eye on this as many are outraged and others feel justice was served.

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