The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Compares America’s Gun Problem with Switzerland’s Common Sense Gun Control Laws (Video)


    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah compares America’s problems with guns to Switzerland’s common-sense gun laws. Host Michael Kosta said America loves guns, yet guns can cause many problems. He asked if there was a place where guns were allowed, but gun violence was not an issue. He concluded Switzerland was the answer.

    “Turns out Switzerland is one of the most heavily armed nations in the world,” Kosta said.

    Just like Americans, the Swiss people love their guns and have a lot of them, informed Kosta. Yet, in contrast to the mass shootings and reckless gun violence plaguing America, Switzerland has had almost no gun violence.

    Kosta talked to a gun expert Mikko Leinonen, who, for over 20 years, has worked as a firearms instructor for law enforcement personnel, military, and special forces. Leinonen explained the gun culture in Switzerland.

    “We respect the guns because we have a mandatory service. Every man goes to the army. They get training in the rifle in case of invasion,” Leinonen said.

    He added that the gun problem in America is out of control, and more common-sense gun laws should be adopted.

    It is easy to obtain a gun without a permit in the US, explained Kosta. That is not the case in Switzerland. In Switzerland, obtaining a firearm is much more complicated than getting a hold of a gun in America.

    “You apply the permit from the police. You provide clearance of your criminal record that you don’t have any conviction. wait for two weeks,” said Leinonen.

    Kosta researched and discovered one mass shooting in Switzerland in 2001, but there has not been a mass shooting since.

    That is a big difference from the mass casualty shootings in America, which has seen over 1,900 mass shootings since 2012, said Kosta.

    Kosta said some rules could help keep America safe, such as universal background checks, keeping ammo separate, strict open carry laws, justification for ownership, etc.

    The YouTube host said if America wants to be a nation obsessed with guns, adopting more gun laws like the Swiss have might make the country safer.

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