The Breakfast Club Talks About Diddy Showing Yung Miami Love for the “Go Papi” Sign (VIDEO)


    The Breakfast Club talked about Diddy showing love to Yung Miami for the sign she made him at the BET awards. Diddy said the “Go Papi” sign was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for him; then, he thanked the talented artist, said DJ Envy.

    “I believe Diddy really appreciated that sign because it is those things that when someone takes time to like craft a sign. I mean, that takes real time and effort. You can tell Yung Miami put her heart in that sign. You know, when someone writes you a letter or like takes the time to actually write inside of a card, make a sign, that means a lot. I’m sure Diddy appreciated it,” said Charlamagne Tha God.

    The radio DJ said he made a sign for Charlamagne, but he did not appreciate it.

    Charlamagne said he enjoys love. Perhaps it is his zodiac sign that makes him feel that way. Although maybe it has something to do with an event in his childhood, Charlamagne said he has issues receiving love. The radio host said he wanted to thank everyone that made his show possible.

    “Life is beautiful, man, you know what I’m saying. It really is,” said Charlamagne.

    DJ Envy questioned Charlamagne whether he would thank him for the sign he made her not. Charlamagne eluded the question and continued to thank others.

    Charlamagne said he wanted to give a special thank you to Yung Miami for making the sign for Diddy. It was “a beautiful thing.”


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